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Other Uses For A Sponge Besides House Cleaning You Didn’t Know About

Sponges are awesome where it is for every house cleaning needs or dish washing, they always do the job for what they are intended for. Along with the many great benefits a sponge offers during house cleaning, it can also be great for other everyday uses you probably had no idea about.

Here’s a few other things you can do with a sponge.

Removing Wallpaper

Have some old wallpaper you’ve been thinking of getting rid of but don’t know where to start? A sponge soaked in hot water will do the trick by helping loosen it up.

Ice Relief

It’s common to use a cold bag of ice or frozen peas when it comes to injury or pain relief, but another great alternative and probably more efficient is putting a wet sponge in a ziploc bag and freezing it.


You can use a sponge for making art especially as a finishing technique. With a bit of water, paint and a newspaper to rub off excess, you can add a softer color look to any art.

Fridge Scent

This one can be used as a house cleaning tip. Just place baking soda on a damp sponge and insert into your fridge as well as the freezer and it will keep your fridge smelling nice as long as you repeat daily.

Sponge Dirt

If you didn’t know already you can actually use sponge material to start your garden. Place your plant seeds on a sponge preferably in a pot or bowl. Once your plants have sprouted you can transfer them.

Pet Hair Remover

Another house cleaning tip is dampening a sponge and using it to wipe that pesky pet hair off upholstery and your carpet floors.

Protect Your Floor

Rainy seasons requires a lot of stumbling in your home with an umbrella. In order to protect your floor from the wetness that can find its way to your floor, place a dry sponge under your umbrella stand.

These tips were brought to you by Valley Maid Service.

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