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Service Your Air Conditioner On Your Own

Believe it or not you can service your air conditioner on your own. An air conditioning tune up in Southern California from a service company can cost you $80 to $100. Not to mention any additional fees you will probably incur, for example, from an unexpected filter change.

Servicing your air conditioner on your own can sure be a daunting task, but following these simple steps can make the task very easy & help you save a ton of money on an annual basis.

The Steps

First of all before you begin it is important you turn off the power completely, shutting off any possible electrical current.

Then, begin brushing off all the dust out of the condenser fan, which can be easily accessed by removing the cover, and detaching the setscrew which is holding the fan in place. Before putting back the fan in its place, lubricate the now accessible fan motor with oil specified by the manufacturer.

The next step is cleaning the condenser coils and fins using a hose. Make sure to remove the coil guards before hosing the coils. If any of the fins are bent, you can straighten them and clean them with a fin comb.

You will then need to inspect your refrigerant, if it leaking, you need to contact an AC service company as soon as possible, although this is a do it yourself post, we don’t recommend changing a refrigerant yourself because of the risks of harmful gases being leaked into your house atmosphere.

Your filter should be changed at least once a month during the summer for optimum performance & energy saving. Not only is changing your filter awesome for nice cool air during the summer but if overlooked it can actually lead to fungi & bacteria, and you definitely don’t want that.

To clean the filter, you will remove the casing, then remove the filter and clean it with a towel or cloth and follow up with soap and water. Once dry you can reattach it. If the filter is too dirty, you will need to purchase a new filter for around $5-$7.

Finally, clean your air conditioner’s air ducts regularly with a vacuum cleaner. This will help remove debris and dust that is in the ducts. Along with air ducts, make sure to always check fuses, breakers, and the thermostat on a regular basis.

Servicing your own air conditioner is an easy process and will definitely not empty out your wallet.

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