Maid Service

We Clean America has been referring quality maids at an affordable price since 1982. The maids are background screened before working with us. Our services are always under quality control inspections.

The following is an overview of what you get with our maid service referral.  


Bathrooms are cleaned by the maids to bright and sparkling perfection. Toilet, sink, tub, faucet, and shower head are all cleaned with product. Bathroom floor is swept and mopped.

  • All mirrors are cleaned 
  • All trash is taken out
  • Toilet is scrubbed/cleaned
  • Tub is scrubbed/cleaned
  • Shower, faucet and shower head is cleaned
  • Sinks and faucets are cleaned 
  • Floor is mopped and cleaned


extensive clean bathroom


Kitchen ovens, fridges and washing machines are all cleaned. All your dishes are washed. Counters and sink are wiped and cleaned. Trash is taken out. Floor is swept and mopped.

  • Top and inside of refrigerator is cleaned
  • Oven is cleaned
  • Microwave is cleaned
  • Sink is cleaned
  • Dishwasher is emptied and cleaned
  • Dishes are washed and put away
  • All appliances are cleaned
  • Table is cleaned
  • Floor is washed and cleaned
  • Trash is taken out
extensively clean kitchen

Living Room

A clean living room means you have a clean place to relax and enjoy your time home. All your couches, tables, furniture, and entertainment systems are dusted and cleaned. Your floors are left nice & clean. We make sure no dust is left around items. When items are moved, they are put back.

  • All furniture is dusted and cleaned
  • Vacuum carpet floor
  • Clean hardwood floor
  • Organize any mess
  • Picture frames are wiped down and dusted
  • Window sills are cleaned thoroughly
clean living room


A clean bedroom offers soothing rest and piece of mind. Maids will dust your bedroom, change your linens, and vacuum. We change the linens (if left out) and we make the beds.

  • Floors are cleaned
  • Mirrors, fixtures and chrome are cleaned
  • All furniture is cleaned
  • All trash is taken out
  • Thorough vacuuming
  • Organize
  • Beds are made
  • Dusting
  • Picture frames are wiped down and dusted
  • Window sills are cleaned
  • Closet is dusted
detail cleaned bedroom

And More...


Up to 3 windows cleaned each visit inside and out (must be reachable).


Sweep and vacuum carpets.

Mop tile floors.

Oil wood floors.

Thousand Oaks Maid Service


All upholstery is cleaned.

Laundry service


Additional $25 for up to 4 loads. Folded and hanged.

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We Clean America is a maid referral agency that has been around for 35 years.