Reliable Maid Service in Ventura

What is the most important thing to residents of Ventura when it comes to a maid service? Is it affordability? Reliability? Security?

We all want the best cleaning possible but also want to make sure we aren’t paying an arm and leg or dealing with unprofessional maids.

Here at We Clean America our focus is offering affordability, reliability and security on every maid service appointment in Ventura.

Beautiful house we clean in Ventura


Our low rates start at $70. There are no surprise fees or up selling. Get a free quote here.


In business since 1982, we have skilled maids on board our team. Our inspectors are out in the field daily making sure maids are cleaning up to standards.


Maids must pass a background check before working with us. You also have 48 hours to request a redo free of charge, if maid service was unsatisfactory.

Our Maid Service Unfolded

With the exception of customization and special requests, every maid service visit goes as follows:

  • Linens on bed(s) are changed and made. Complete dusting and vacuum of bedroom(s).
  • All bathroom fixtures are cleaned along with mirrors and floor.
  • All kitchen appliances are cleaned including fridge, tables, counters and floors.
  • All furniture, picture frames, and window sills are dusted and cleaned.
  • All trash is taken out.

Why You Need Maid Service

  • Dust will continue to accumulate and cause allergies to you and visitors, which will leave them certainly unimpressed.
  • Not cleaning your restroom regularly can lead to mildew or even more gross mold.
  • Not taking out trash can lead to a rise in bugs and smells.
  • Not getting rid of expired food and leftovers in your fridge can lead to a bacteria and mold growth.
  • Clutter in places such as the garage or basement can attract mice, and don’t have to explain why you should definitely avoid that.