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How To Get Your Home Ready For The Winter

Winter is approaching so it’s time for some tips that should help your and your home get through the winter preventing any damages or unforeseen events that can result from winter weather. When it comes to getting your home ready for winter, don’t be lazy or naive, taking the extra step will make your winter a better one.

Make Sure There Is No Energy Hazard

First you should schedule a meeting with a BPI certified energy rater which will test the energy efficiency of your home. This is in order to make sure there aren’t any safety issues that can occur from poor energy efficiency in your home.

Make Sure Your Home’s Ventilation Is 100%

Second is to use caulk to seal any cracks that can ruin the ventilation of your home and bring in cold air. Check walls, window areas, plugs and swatches.

Also look at your home’s can lights which can actually cause air leaks due to its functionality to be vented since overheating is possible. Remove the bulbs and use caulk on the perimeter to prevent these air leaks.

Then inspect your faucets, vents, and any plumbing to ensure there aren’t any air leaks.

Mulch Your Garden

Cold weather can harm your hard earned garden. You can protect your garden by surrounding roots with mulch. Go ahead and remove any dead branches as well since it is a smart safety measure. Also a great idea is to clean up all your garden tools and equipment by either sharpening or oiling accordingly.

Prevent Pests From Entering Your Attic

Cold weather makes your attic a desirable place for pests for their hibernation. Place screens on any vents your attic may have. An attic is not the only place a pest may seek hibernation, make sure to inspect your whole house such as basement and crawl spaces and make sure proper measures are taken to prevent pests from entering.

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