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Get The Most Out Of Your Home Cleaning

It is important you get the most out of your cleaning service. Taking these few number of steps before the arrival of the maid team, not only makes their job easier, but it will make sure you take full advantage of the cleaning service.

How to Make It Happen

  • Linens – Please place linens near your bed or designate your linen closet to the maids. They will change your linens as part of the full service. You will get to get enjoy your rest with fresh & clean sheets.
  • Special Supplies or Equipment – We understand you may want your home cleaned according to your specific needs. If you have Special Supplies or Equipment you prefer the maids to use, please instruct the maids when they arrive. For example, a specific floor cleaning product for your hardwood floors.
  • Request Special Supplies – If you wish for the maids to bring special supplies (no charge to you), please inform our dispatchers prior to the day of the job.
  • Pets – Our maids are very comfortable around pets. We want to make sure your pets are safe. If you need to make sure your house pet stays indoors, please notify our dispatchers prior to the day of the job. We want to make sure your pets are safe. Also, a big help would be putting them in a separate room while the maids are cleaning.
  • Windows – We will clean & shine 2-3 windows inside & out each visit at no extra charge, please advise the maids which are to be cleaned.
  • Laundry – Our laundry service includes folding clothes & putting them on hangers if you’d like. Please advise the maids where the designated laundry is.

If you have something else in mind that we didn’t cover, feel free to call our dispatchers or contact us online here, we will try to make the maids visit to your home as smooth as possible.

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