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Getting a good workout in while House Cleaning

Exercise While House Cleaning

Who said house cleaning doesn’t have to be fun? One of the great things about house cleaning is that no matter how dreadful it may be, you can actually get a good workout from it and feel okay about skipping the gym for the day. With house cleaning already requiring a lot of movement and a bit

Lunges and Vacuuming

The act of vacuuming actually burns 250 calories per hour. By performing lunges while vacuuming you can also be working out and strengthening your abs, thighs and glutes.

Squats and Lifts While Doing Laundry

You can make laundry more fun than it already is. Just kidding, but you definitely can get a good workout from it. Holding the basket with your arms at a 90 degree angle will tone your arm muscles, and you can also do squats and lunges while you fold your clothes.

Shoulders and Arms

The best shoulder and arms workout while house cleaning is anything that has to do with wiping, scrubbing, sweeping and mopping. Using a little more force while scrubbing and wiping will definitely help with the calorie burning especially if you scrub your floors instead of mopping ;).

You can also:

  • Do press up and knee ups on the kitchen counter while waiting for something to boil or heat up.
  • Squat every time you pick something up.
  • Intensity chores by giving yourself a time limit (you will notice a short of breath on this)
  • Anything that involves gardening is a great workout, whether it is trimming, digging, mowing the lawn, or raking.
  • Washing windows are great for arms and shoulders.

Besides the above mentioned there are plenty of house cleaning activities that can be done to burn calories and get a good strengthening workout. Just be creative and have fun. Best of all from this concept is that you will always have a clean house to relax in and enjoy.

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