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Harmful House Cleaning Products

Dangerous House Cleaning Products

House cleaning requires some tough cleaning products. Cleaning products that can remove the grittiest of stains and dirt, the nastiest of smells, and add sparkle and shine to those fixtures and floors. You probably have experienced cleaning product smells that are too hard to handle, kind of like smelling bleach. As of a matter of fact not only are those smells too hard to handle but they can actually be quite harmful. With so many ingredients in the house cleaning products we use, it’s hard to decode what is actually dangerous.

Here’s what you need to know:


Nothing makes a house cleaning complete better than a air freshener. Soap and toilet may apply to this for that matter. When a product advertises a fragrance it most likely has a chemical called phthalate. This chemical is known to reduce sperm cell count in men. So be careful when purchasing these kind of products, always look for organic or fragrance-free.

Carpet cleaners and spot removers

These products may seem like a lifesaver when trying to get rid of those wine spills and such but be wary of the toxin perchloroethylene, which is known to cause loss of coordination and dizziness. Opt for nontoxic brands when it comes to carpet cleaners and spot removers.

Dishwasher liquid and hand soaps

Those antibacterial dishwasher liquid and hand soaps you prefer? They’re actually bad because they most likely have triclosan which is increases the chance of a human’s body growing drug-resistant bacteria, which the AMA has declared not finding any proof of benefits for humans as far antibacterial goes. Go for the simpler dishwasher liquids and hand soaps, and make sure to avoid those with triclosan on the ingredient list.

Window, Kitchen and Multipurpose Cleaners

Those cleaners that promise to get it done might actually be getting your body to be done, living that is. One of the most to be careful off the list, look for 2-butoxyethanol on the list of ingredients as they are known to possibly cause narcosis, pulmonary edema, liver and kidney damage. When it comes to these kind of cleaners make an effort to opt for using more natural methods such as vinegar and newspaper or Bon Ami powder.

Stay alert when shopping for your house cleaning products in order to keep your family and yourself safe.

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