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Cleaning Your Garage For Spring Cleaning

As if house cleaning isn’t quite a task in itself, cleaning out your garage is as dreadful as it gets. All the dust accumulation and boxes of things you completely forgot about isn’t really the ideal weekend getaway. But spring cleaning season is here and what better way to add the cherry on top by cleaning out your garage as well, especially if you haven’t done so in a long time.

Although cleaning your garage is a pain in the behind, it can made simpler by following these simple tips.

Plan It

As sweet as it may sound to get your garage cleaned in one day, it’s honestly going to take you at least two, so it’s better to be prepared to spend your whole weekend on the garage cleaning task. If you are going to have your family or friends help you, then make sure to plan it out with them ahead of time.

The first day in the garage cleaning process is to empty it out completely. The second day should be putting back everything that’s staying (because the point is obviously to throw away all the crap).

Dust & Bugs

If it has been awhile since you last even merely cleaned your garage, expect a lot of dust. Also expect things such as spiderwebs. Use a vacuum cleaner nozzle to remove all this junk.

Hosing Floors

Thank god your garage doesn’t have marble or hardwood floors. Just hose down the floor with some soap included, rinse, and let it dry overnight.


If your garage doesn’t have shelves already, maybe it is time to make some. This will help quite well with the organization aspect of your garage cleaning.


When putting things back in your garage, think about what is necessary to be easily reachable and what is not. For example you want your Christmas lights and decorations to be easily reachable since it’s a once a year occurrence or your emergency supplies to be easily accesible because you never know. Things like magazines or old childhood things that you decided to keep around can be placed on the back end of things because you and I both know those things aren’t coming out that often.

Cleaning out your garage every spring is not only a great way to stay clean and organized but also shows character especially when you have guests over and they are impressed by your garage’s cleanliness and organization.

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