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How To Clean Your Blender, Microwave, and Coffee Pot

Keeping your kitchen clean can be a daily clean, with food being prepared, and things being thrown away, things can sure get messy. A clean kitchen is one thing, but cleaning the tools and equipment you use in the kitchen is another. To ensure your blender, microwave, and coffee pot are a hundred percent clean use the following house cleaning tips.


Blenders can get pretty dirty and unhygienic due to many types of food and ingredients you can pour on there trying to accomplish whatever it is you are trying to make. Instead of washing your blender with a sponge like you do a dish or pan, you should add warm water with soap and blend that mixture which will result in the cleanest possible blender once you rinse it.


It goes without saying that a blender can get pretty dirty if you don’t clean it regularly or just don’t know how to clean it. There’s actually quite an efficient trick for cleaning a microwave, what you do is wet paper towels and heat them inside for 3 to 5 minutes which will soften all the dirtiness inside. Then you can use the warm wet paper towels and wipe off all the gunk.

Once your done it might smell a little nasty, so it is recommended to insert a half cup of lemon juice with water and warm it for 3 to 5 minutes, which will leave the microwave smelling new.

Coffee Pot

If you own a coffee pot then you know how disgusting it can get after a few brews. To clean it all you need is lemon, ice, and a little bit of salt. First fill it up with ice, squeeze lemon in there and add two tablespoons of salt. Swirl it for 2 minutes and once done you’ll have a clean coffee pot.

Use these tips every time you need one of these items cleaned efficiently and feel free to share them with your family and friends.

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