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Kitchen Cleaning

How To Clean Your Kitchen The Right Way

Maintaining your kitchen clean keeps the dirt, smells and ants away. A wipe down here and there and a bit of brooming won’t solve anything long-term. Cleaning your kitchen the proper way takes a little bit more of attention to detail and going above and beyond. After you are finished you will feel very accomplished and feel the soothing satisfaction of having your kitchen 100% clean.

garage cleaning for spring cleaning

Cleaning Your Garage For Spring Cleaning

As if house cleaning isn’t quite a task in itself, cleaning out your garage is as dreadful as it gets. All the dust accumulation and boxes of things you completely forgot about isn’t really the ideal weekend getaway. But spring cleaning season is here and what better way to add the cherry on top by cleaning out your garage as well, especially if you haven’t done so in a long time.

Baking Soda Uses for House Cleaning

Baking Soda for House Cleaning

Baking soda isn’t just used to make your favorite baked goods or to polish your silver, it also has some awesome house cleaning uses you perhaps did not know about. Baking soda’s history goes back to 1843 when a British chemist, in attempt to help his wife who was allergic to yeast, created a baking powder. By 1927, baking soda’s uses were being promoted heavily by magazines nationwide, specifically in house cleaning topics.

Vacuum Cleaning

5 Best Vacuum Cleaners

How well-informed are you when it comes to vacuum cleaners? Do you do research before purchasing, do you get a recommendation, or do you just go with what looks prettiest? It can get more and more difficult when it comes to purchasing the right vacuum in this age as new designs and features keep rolling out. For example, the Shark Rocket Deluxe Pro is shaped like a broom, but is equipped with many attachments ready for any occasion with a simple push of a pedal ready to handle any hardwood floor or carpet.

Harmful House Cleaning Products

Dangerous House Cleaning Products

House cleaning requires some tough cleaning products. Cleaning products that can remove the grittiest of stains and dirt, the nastiest of smells, and add sparkle and shine to those fixtures and floors. You probably have experienced cleaning product smells that are too hard to handle, kind of like smelling bleach. As of a matter of fact not only are those smells too hard to handle but they can actually be quite harmful. With so many ingredients in the house cleaning products we use, it’s hard to decode what is actually dangerous.

Mouthwash House Cleaning Tip

5 House Cleaning Secret Tips

Let’s face it, keep your house clean is difficult. But it is doable especially when you have a few gems in your pocket. No not the cleaning product that promises to be the best in the business or the way you’ve been cleaning a certain something because you firmly believe it is the way it is supposed to be done. We present to you some actual house cleaning secrets you won’t find anywhere else.

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