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Mouthwash House Cleaning Tip

5 House Cleaning Secret Tips

Let’s face it, keep your house clean is difficult. But it is doable especially when you have a few gems in your pocket. No not the cleaning product that promises to be the best in the business or the way you’ve been cleaning a certain something because you firmly believe it is the way it is supposed to be done. We present to you some actual house cleaning secrets you won’t find anywhere else.

Keep Your Fridge Smelling Good

This is a big one, as it really depends what you put in there or how long you leave something in there without disposing of it. Sometimes life gets hectic and these smells start to build up. To eliminate those stinky smells especially when you have a guest grabbing something from the fridge and wondering what the heck is that smell, you can place a bowl of grounded coffee beans in the fridge and switch out every 2 months, you’ll notice the smell is actually quite excellent and better then the possible rotten smell.

Garbage Disposal

Garbage Disposals can get a bit dirty and a bit smelly. This is a classic trick that your plumber probably won’t tell you. Every month toss in ice cubes, orange or lemon peels and some water and turn it on. These will easily eliminate odors.

Trashcan Efficiency

When it comes to your trash can, you can always buy heavy duty bags, but that doesn’t necessarily always do the trick. A great way to keep your trash can in good shape and away from developing odors, instead of throwing away those newspapers straight to your garbage, place them right at the bottom as a sort of protective cover which will absorb all moist and smells.

Kitchen and Bathroom Floors

One of my favorites is using mouthwash on kitchen and bathroom floors. Not hardwood floors. Just the regular tile or vinyl that’s regularly on kitchen and bathroom floors. Just add some to a bucket of water and go ahead and mop for efficient kitchen and bathroom floor cleaning.

Disinfect Faucets, Tubs, Sinks, and Toilet Seats

Believe it or not, not a lot people use this tip when cleaning their faucets, tubs, sinks and toilet seats. Just use disinfecting wipes on all these items on a daily basis to support a great cause.

If you didn’t know these tips or some of them, use them freely and share!

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