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5 of the Best House Cleaning Supplies

We all spend a lot of time cleaning our house, apartment, studio or condo. The task of cleaning can be made easier by having the right tools to be effective and efficient. Some of the must have things that we need to clean are soaps, degreasers, wipes, dusters, etc. The 5 best house cleaning products that we recommend are the following:

Arm & Hammer Baking Soda

Baking soda is an excellent tool to have at your disposal. It is great for eliminating odors. Part of having a clean place, is having a place that smells great. You want to have a place that is appealing to 3 of the 5 basic senses which are sight, smell and touch. Baking soda specifically appeals to the sense of smell and if you want a great smelling place, use baking soda.

Clorox Disinfecting wipes

Clorox wipes are a very handy tool. They are excellent to clean messes and disinfecting. They are great for the kitchen and the bathroom. Both of these places are places that we generally consider prone to be covered in bacteria, as such we want to disinfect and keep them as clean as possible. The Clorox wipes makes this task very simple. You don’t need any soaps or any other liquid cleaners, all you need to do is get a Clorox Wipe, wipe down the area you want clean and voila!


One of the most important parts of having a clean home is having clean floors. There is no better liquid to clean a floor than Pine-sol. It is excellent to remove dirt, greases and anything else that might dirty your floors. Aside from being a great cleaning liquid it also gives your living place a great scent. This cleaning supply appeals to both your sight and smell as it leaves your floors spotless and smelling great. The best part of Pine-sol is that it can be used on hardwood, tile, concrete and even carpets.

Easy-Off degreaser

One of the most hated things in a kitchen is grease, especially when you have to clean it up. Having a dirty stove is something very unappealing as nobody would want to eat what you cook. Well, Easy-off has your back when it comes to having a clean stove. Just get yourself a bottle of Easy-Off, spray the greasy areas in your stove wait a little while and then just simply wipe it off. Easy-Off will make cleaning grease off of your stove much less excruciating.

Swiffer Sweeper

Dust is everyone’s enemy. I mean who doesn’t hate having dusty furniture, appliances and everything else in your house. The Swiffer Sweeper is the perfect tool to fight dust, dirt and hair. You can use the single use cloth either by hand or with the floor mop. I like using it without the mop and clean my tv’s, furniture and everything i can reach or see that needs a dusting. I usually go through 2 or 3 cloths since i only deep clean once a month. Without a doubt Swiffer Sweeper is the best anti dust tool around.

Next time you need to clean your home, consider these products. They will get the job done, make cleaning a great experience and you will end up satisfied with a clean home. If you don’t love these and have better alternatives, write us an email and let us know your thoughts, opinions and experiences with regards to these products.

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