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Spring Cleaning Your Grill

The 10 Steps of Spring Cleaning Your Grill

California weather is starting to feel more and more like grilling season. That grill of yours has been out of action for a while, and what better way to bring it back to life with a good ol’ spring cleaning. Spring cleaning your grill is not rocket science, all it takes is being able to endure a little scrubbing action and dirtiness.

  1. First things first, make sure your grill is completely off as fars as dials go and disconnect it from the propane tank.
  2. Now, put on some gloves, things are about to get really dirty.
  3. Remove grates and metal plates (things you cook the food on top of) and place them in a bucket of warm water and soap.
  4. Before beginning to clean and scrub the hood and walls, place some aluminum below it (where the cooking is done) to prevent the junk you are about to clean off from falling there.
  5. Once finished making that hood shine you can then remove the grates and metal plates from the bucket, and proceed to scrub and rinse them.
  6. Remove and throw away the aluminum foil you placed and scrub down there with a brush.
  7. Place back the now clean grates and metal plates.
  8. Go ahead and reconnect the propane tank.
  9. If you are fancy enough, and have a grill with a cabinet below it, clean it out with a towel or broom, your choice.
  10. Finally, with a stainless steel cleaner, wipe down the exterior of your grill.

And there you have it, your grill should be good to go for spring grilling. You can clean your grill like this anytime.

For more information or questions on how to do spring cleaning right, feel free to contact us, after all, we are the pro’s. 😉

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